Content marketing budgets to rise in 2013

February 8th, 2013

Content marketing budgets to rise in 2013

Content marketing is set to be at the heart of digital marketing budget increases.

The Marketing Budgets 2013 from Econsultancy and Responsys shows how 71 per cent of brands are planning to increase their spending in this area in 2013, which represents an increase on the figure of 68 per cent recorded 12 months previously.

The rise of content marketing

As the digital space is getting more attention, companies are turning to content marketing to achieve better rankings in search engine results and encourage more interaction with their customer base.

71 per cent of brands will increase content marketing budgets in 2013This is backed up by the raw data too, as 70 per cent of firms are planning to increase their spending in this discipline, 29 per cent will keep it the same and only one per cent are going to reduce their budgets.

Indeed, no other area is set to witness such a funding boost in the coming months as brands recognise the true value of content marketing.

2013 to be a big year for content

Writing in Marketing Pilgrim, Frank Reed stated one of the reasons for this is that businesses want to retain their customers and so they are looking to offer a value-added service.

Simon Edelstyn, European managing director of Outbrain, recently praised Sainsbury's, Red Bull and Net-a-Porter for their content marketing plans, as they understand content offers businesses the chance to connect on a much deeper level than traditional advertising.

All of this confirms the fact that 2013 will be the year of intelligent content marketing.


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