Expert: Search data shows online fashion still popular

July 19th, 2010

Expert: Search data shows online fashion still popular

Consumer demand for fashion products that can be bought online
is still rising, an expert has suggested.

Basing the claim on figures indicating that searches relating to
fashion have risen over the last few months, Natalie Gyte of
Greenlight explains that “demand from consumers has not

She says that statistics from her company 9.7 million
fashion-related queries were made on Google in May, higher than in
March and April.

Highlighting ASOS as a particular success story in terms of
ecommerce, Ms Gyte comments that the website has done well by
presenting up-to-date content that is interactive and “highly

“This fuels and taps into a consumer’s wants and desires. This
success of brand is demonstrated through the large number of brand
searches and the high social media following,” she remarks.

Greenlight’s research on fashion-related internet marketing
shows that Debenhams is the most visible site in terms of organic
search – indicating that the retailer’s search engine optimisation
strategy may be particularly sound – while ASOS comes out on top in
terms of social media activity.


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