Facebook acquires another start-up

March 4th, 2011

Facebook acquires another start-up

Social networking platform Facebook has acquired another start-up, Mashable has revealed.

According to Jolie O'Dell, writing for the website, the company has acquired Beluga – a site in which users can send messages across multiple platforms, including images and location details.

Explaining that it is currently unclear what form the alliance will take, Ms O'Dell claims that more details on the partnership will become available over the coming weeks.

"Whether that means that Beluga will exist as its own entity, or as a separate Facebook feature, or even as supporting technology behind something much larger remains unknown," Ms O'Dell comments.

The social network recently replaced its 'share' buttons with a newer version of 'likes'.

Essentially working in the same way to its predecessor 'share', the new 'like' function will display images, as well as a link and details of the content to be found.

Meanwhile, businesses will be able to select key details when it comes to what is displayed.

For example, the image need not be one used on the page being linked to, chief marketing officer of Cypress North Greg Finn highlighted in a post for Search Engine Land.


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