Mobile: the glue of a content marketing strategy?

September 18th, 2012

Mobile: the glue of a content marketing strategy?

The proliferation of mobile usage has been a gamechanger for marketers. But just how much will mobile still change content marketing strategy?

Paul Berney, chief marketing officer and managing director EMEA of the Mobile Marketing Association, noted the UK mobile marketing industry is currently worth over £330 million. Describing this as "tremendous growth" from the roughly £85 million it was worth in 2010, he believes this growth will continue in the coming years.

Citing figures from MobileSQUARED, Mr Berney said it is likely the industry will surpass £1 billion in the next four years. "[This puts] an even greater emphasis on the need for brands and agencies to integrate mobile into their marketing mix," he added. 

"Mobile marketing can glue an integrated campaign together, acting as the touchpoint and delivering a targeted call to action using devices which are at consumers' fingertips for up to 18 hours a day," Mr Berney continued.

Doing this will allow brands to gain better knowledge of their customers as well as developing a  relationship of trust, which will help dispel the perception of "intrusive" marketing and foster the idea that mobile can deliver valuable and helpful content, he added.

5 stats that highlight the value of mobile in content marketing

90 per cent of people move between devices – often a smartphone and then another device – to accomplish a goal online

Six in ten UK adults own a smartphone

Lack of mobile site or compatibility is the third most common website complaint among users

Nearly 40 per cent of the UK's top brands have mobile-optimised sites

Visitors to mobile-optimised sites stay 2 minutes longer on average 


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