The top 3 reasons to adopt a multi-platform content marketing approach

May 21st, 2012

The top 3 reasons to adopt a multi-platform content marketing approach

Content marketing should not just focus one area, as consumers turn to multiple channels and platforms for their information.

While it is important to make a website as detailed, interactive and engaging as possible, it makes up one of many platforms used by modern shoppers.

Below are our top three reasons why content marketing needs to cover all bases.

Want to learn more about using social media as part of content marketing? Call Chris Sheath on 0870 898 2260 to find out how NewsReach can help.1. The UK is smartphone-mad

While laptops and PCs are still important internet sources, people increasingly check their smartphones for the latest news from brands, as well as logging on to their mobile-optimised sites. A recent Our Mobile Planet Google study found that 49 per cent of British smartphone owners conduct a search on the device every day. More than 60 per cent of people also research products on their smartphone from the comfort of their home. If a firm's site is not optimised for mobiles, they are missing out on the chance of people being attracted to their blogs and news articles, not to mention losing potential sales and profits.

2. Social media rules

The same Google survey discovered 80 per cent of smartphone owners check the likes of Twitter and Facebook on their handsets. Ahead of Facebook's IPO, General Motors announced it was dropping its advertising on the social networking site and is instead focusing on posting quality content on its brand page. Social media is a great way for companies to engage with consumers and offer unique content, discounts and other exclusive snippets that in-store shoppers will not receive. Simply focusing on email marketing and a website is not enough these days – individuals expect businesses to be on social media sites.

3. Sharing is essential

Businesses need to make sure their content has the shareability factor, that is, can readers easily pass on the copy or link to their friends and family? A good starting point is having social media buttons on the page, which can be clicked to immediately post the link to their profile. Smartphone users might come across a product they like on a mobile-optimised site and text the link to a friend. The more interesting, unique and engaging content is, the more likely it will be shared. The NewsReach Gold Standard of Content Marketing infographic explains how to create first-class copy. After all, 27 million pieces of content are shared on social media every day.

Do you agree with the above list? Leave your thoughts below.

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