Why use Google+ for content marketing?

May 14th, 2012

Why use Google+ for content marketing?

Businesses should not push Google+ to one side when drawing up content marketing plans.

Social media is one of the most valuable currencies on the SEO block at the moment, especially in light of Microsoft's recent Bing search engine updates.

Bing has become incredibly social, enabling people to interact with their Facebook friends as they search. Depending on what brands and groups individuals 'like' on Facebook, Bing suggests friends who might be able to help answer a search query. This should mean that the more 'likes' a company has, the better the chance they are recommended in Bing search results.

Want to learn more about content marketing? Call Chris Sheath on 0870 898 2260 to find out how NewsReach can help.However, it goes beyond Facebook, as the search engine will also find people who are experts on particular topics and who have a Twitter or Google+ account. Throw in the fact that Google's search engine favours brands with an account on its social media site, as well as articles with plenty of +1s – akin to a Facebook 'like' – and it is clear that Google+ plays an important role in content marketing.

The Drum recently summed it up: "With Google+ now having more emphasis as Google's own social network, it is becoming ever more important – essential, even – for brands to engage proactively with their target audience within Google+ and achieve those all-important +1s. Social shares have been referred to as 'the new link building' in search marketing."

When drawing up content marketing strategies, having an engaging, rich and informative presence on Google+ is clearly important.

Google+ for Business explains the basic building blocks for success – create a personal Google+ profile from where a business page can be set up, grow circles (groups of people who follow a brand) and use the +1 button next to blogs and articles to encourage the sharing of content.

There are several ways companies can go one step further in making their Google+ page better than their rivals' profiles:
• When choosing the logo and five profile photos to use, businesses should select the ones that represent their brand the best.
• Regularly upload posts so they appear in the streams of circle members. These posts should be written in a tone that reflects the brand and its target audience and this 'voice' should be consistent.
• Promote, promote, promote. If people do not know a brand has a Google+ page, they won't be able to share the content and hit the +1 button.
• Keep content engaging and unique. Not only does unique content perform well in Google search results, but it also makes brand followers feel as though they are receiving exclusives. This should also include discounts, offers and sneak peeks.

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