Blekko ‘removes spam from search’

March 11th, 2011

Blekko 'removes spam from search'

Search engine Blekko has announced that it has introduced a new algorithm that will allow it to block spam before it hits the search engine results pages.

While Google and Bing push spam down their rankings, Blekko claims that AdSpam – its new system – will prevent this type of content from ever being listed.

"The algorithm is specifically designed to recognise pages which are spam and eliminate them before they ever appear in search results," comments the company's blog.

Blekko adds that humans work alongside AdSpam to ensure its accuracy.

Writing in response to the news, Danny Sullivan analyses the move in a post for Search Engine Land.

Acknowledging that the change has the potential to clean up results pages, he suggests that Blekko has more to benefit from making such a move than fellow search engines Google and Bing.

He explains that the larger search engines have more advanced algorithms and perhaps are better equipped to keep spam out of their top results.

Mr Sullivan concludes that Blekko's move will add pressure to Google to make its own improvements.


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