SEO good practice – what to do to find favour with Google

April 17th, 2012

SEO good practice - what to do to find favour with Google

2012 so far appears to be another big year for Google Search changes, so businesses need to ensure they stay on top of the latest SEO rules and get in the search engine giant's good books.

In the past – way before Panda and modern-day SEO – effective keywording was viewed as cramming as many search phrases into online content as possible, regardless of whether or not the copy made sense. This is now a big no-no, with Google taking a more holistic approach to search.

Below are five good SEO practices to follow to try and make your Google rankings as high as possible.

Make sure your SEO campaign is effective and works alongside Google. Call Jacey on 02075172240 to find out how NewsReach can help. 1) Keywords need to flow naturally

Some keywords will be easy to insert and not sound out of place, such as 'social media' or 'car insurance'. Niche phrases are trickier to include and need to be considered carefully. It is better to only have one or two natural mentions of a keyword than several crammed in at inappropriate places.

2) Make content easy to find

It is massively frustrating for internet users to find what they believe to be a useful link via Google to click on it and struggle to discover the content they were looking for. Google's Matt Cutts explained in January that the search engine's algorithm had been tweaked to account for page layout. If people have to endlessly scroll to find the content, websites might be pushed down Google's rankings as a result. Optimised copy should, therefore, be placed above-the-fold.

3) The copy has to be relevant

Linking back to the first point, simply inserting keywords into random copy will likely be ignored by Google. When someone clicks on a link that ranks highly, they expect to find interesting, well-written and, most of all, relevant content. Otherwise, they will feel tricked and not visit that site again. Make pages information-rich – a content marketing strategy will help with this goal.

4) Insert links from other sites

Links make a website more visible to Google's crawler, providing a search rankings boost. By inserting links from other sites, the spider sees this as both websites supporting one another, which provides serious SEO weight. Mentions of brand names can link to their website, for example.

5) Use social media

Social media and SEO go hand in hand. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in particular have looked upon favourably by Google's spider, so having a presence across all of these platforms can help boost a firm's search rankings. In the case of Google+, mentions of a brand on its pages will go down well in search.

There are loads more points to consider, such as regularly updating unique content – leave your tips for good SEO practice below.

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